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Day 144: 12/15/17  Wah Wah valley to Milford, UT

Miles: 18.6 (cycling) Steps: 12,736 (it really depends where I keep my phone while cycling! Vertical gain: 961 ft. Liquid consumed: 140 oz. Wildlife: Cattle, sheep, a few of each along the road Faith in Humanity: Nice people in Milford, UT I woke up in my tent today and it was pretty cold, quite a bit below freezing. I’m kind of getting used to it though, so no big deal as far as packing up camp. One thing was off though: knee pain. Nothing horrible, but something I need to watch for sure. I’m not sure why I thought I’d just be a cycling all star right off the bat. Different muscles, a bicycle not setup for me yet in terms of seat height and all new gear to use; makes sense that it’s going to be a challenge. There are 2 “rules” ,or maybe “guidelines” is a better word, that I try to abide by: 1) if I stay healthy I get to keep going on the trip. 2) if I have money I can keep going, so spend wisely (this one is extremely hard at times) Anyway, I got on the bike and still felt my knee a bit on the 900 foot climb to Frisco summit ghost town. Nothing horrible but it made me think: I should rest. Pretty cold on the long downhill and flat back to Milford, UT, the town that I left only a few days ago. I was pretty cold and hungry so headed on in to Penny’s diner for a good breakfast and to warm up. At the end of breakfast though, I hadn’t warmed up. I was really cold. I asked about a room and it was really cheap so I wheeled my bike into the room and called it a day. I’m a bit scared that on a bicycle it’s going to be far too easy to give into these temptations and spend a ton of money! I hope not though!

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