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Day 133: 12/3/17 Bryce Canyon National Park to Red Canyon

Miles: 16.6 Steps: 30,594 Vertical gain: 345 feet Liquid consumed: 96 oz. Wildlife: a few birds were circling but that’s about all Faith in Humanity: Guy on a bicycle passed (the only other person I saw on a 13 mile bike path) and said hello. Brrrrr. Single digits when I woke up today! The “feels like” temperature was -6 or so. Coldest day of the trip I think. I knew I “only” had 16 miles to hike, so I left the luxury of the hotel room at 9am and faced the bitter cold. I wore my wool winter hat and had my buff covering most of my face, my liner gloves, and my light fleece midlayer. I’m seriously amazed how well Buffs work at keeping you warm by being so thin! I was freaking cold! But, at least I was I a bike path, not in the roads shoulder, so it’s all good! For some reason I barely drank any water but had to pee a ton of times on today’s hike: weird! I honestly barely took any breaks or slowed down for my entire hike today. I did stop and take some photos a few times, but that’s about it. Everything I passed was closed. Restaurants, museums, gas stations, visitors centers, hotels. Closed, closed, closed, closed. It’s not super developed around here, but it seems what is developed is HEAVILY tourist focused. I didn’t need to buy anything, but I probably would have if anyplace was open, just to warm up a bit. It wasn’t a total sufferfest today though: I enjoyed myself. It wasn’t like “oh my god I’m freezing I’m freezing I’m freezing” but it was for a bit when I first was outside! Red Canyon is absolutely beautiful! The trail passed right through and I took a few photos and stared in awe. I’m listening to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and I am really enjoying it! The last 3 miles or so were on the good ol’ Road shoulder. I was hoping some of the businesses at this part of the road would be open so I could have a meal or something, but: nope. The joys of off season travel. I kind of giggled about my walk through the continuous ghost town and continued on my way. I arrived at the cheapest hotel money can buy in the area, the front desk guy looked at me a bit odd because of my pack but didn’t ask any questions and soon I was lounging in bed, eating all of the food in my food bag and watching movies I don’t really recall. I did a bunch of Walk The Parks errands though and it felt good to be productive. Happy to be inside and away from the frigid cold!

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