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Day 131: 12/2/17 Dixie National Forest to just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park

Miles: 19.3 Steps: 39,373 Vertical gain: Strava Knows! Liquid consumed: 136 oz. Wildlife: Some cattle, a few birds Faith in Humanity: Nice people in Subway who passed me earlier on the road asked about my trip and were quite encouraging. Another day, another dollar. Oh wait, I mean minus several dollars. It would be amazing to figure out a way to get paid to do this somehow though! It was coooooold last night! I tried to sleep without all my layers but woke up in the middle of the night and threw on more clothes. Tough to get out of the sleeping bag but I did, shook off all the frozen condensation on my tarp and was on the trail by 7:40am. I had to keep moving my fingers, clenching and unclenching my fists over and over to get my fingers warmed up. In some ways I think my body has gotten quite efficient in using the least energy possible while hiking. This is great in some ways, but also makes it difficult to get warmed up. Especially on days like today, when I start with a gradual downhill then the rest of the day is pretty much flat. First world problem, obviously, but interesting to note. Another interesting note: I’ve hiked about 2,200 miles and that’s about the length of the Appalachian Trail! Exciting to have hiked that far and for my body to feel as good as it does! Ate a really tasty sub at Subway. Subway is a great place to cheaply get vegetables that are lacking substantially from my diet. I hung out for quite a while before moving on. Spent the night just outside of Bryce Canyin National Park: I’ll be exploring the park itself tomorrow!

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