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Day 129 11/30/17 Day off in Escalante!

Miles: 2 Steps: 4,500 Vertical gain: Strava Knows! Liquid consumed: 160 oz. Wildlife: Couple of dogs in town Faith in Humanity: nice people in Escalante! I quickly ran into town and find a Subway! Grabbed a tasty foot long meatball sub and dang it was tasty! I found a hotel that was open (most were closed) and got a room. After seeing that the room had a fridge and microwave I went to the grocery store and purchased food for my relaxation day. Felt amazing to take a day off! Decent internet connection was nice and I caught up on a bunch of stuff. I also found a different route to get to Bryce that’s both shorter and unpaved, Sweet! One slightly scary thing I learned though: the good Weather is coming to an end! And soon. Doesn’t look like a huge storm, but a big cold front. Lows starting in a couple days are in the single digits: yikes! Sadly, I still don’t have my tent back which is for sure a bit warmer then my tarp, and the sleeping bag I ordered still isn’t ready... makes me a little nervous, but just gotta take it as it comes I guess. Some pretty good opportunities for hotels if needed too though, so that’s good.

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