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Day 125: 11/26/17  Up Up and over the Henry Mountains

Miles: 23 Steps: 49,428 Vertical gain: LOTS! Strava Knows! Liquid consumed: 140 oz. Wildlife: A bunch of deer in different places, cattle Faith in Humanity: I only saw 2 people and they were in a side by side OHV, but they waved at me! I’m a friendly person and like to meet new people, but I hide when I camp near roads. I try to get off the road enough so that no one will see me and when cars pass I turn off my headlamp and phone. I’m sure most people are harmless, but at night along a road I’m at an extreme disadvantage compared with someone with a car on the road. I’m not breaking any laws and can legally camp where I am, but I also want to stay as safe as possible. Wow what a day! I literally woke up, climbed 5,000 vertical feet to Bull Creek Pass high in the Henry Mountains at a chilly 10,500 feet, then Way down the other side and 23 miles later I'm camped at 6,000 feet back in the desert! The first half of the day was slow. There’s really no fast way to climb 5,000 vertical feet! Especially with a heavy pack, weighed down by ribs of water. Oh well, it was still really pretty and cool to check out a small slice of a mountain range I’ve never visited and I doubt many people visit in general! A woman a few days ago, I forget who, said that parts of the Henry Mountains have never been explored. I find that hard to believe, but really cool if it’s true! There was a tiny bit of snow on the ground on North facing slopes up high but certainly nothing to warrant taking the snow bypass. Views to the East were neat as I could see the La Sal mountain range East of Moab I traversed what seems like so long ago but in reality was only about 2 weeks ago! I made it to the pass and was excited for a mostly all downhill afternoon. I saw quite a few deer on my descent. Down down down I went. I was pretty tired today, with the heavy pack and huge uphill, but still managed to get in 23 miles before walking off the road to camp. I’m camped only a couple miles from a place called Wildcat Mesa; hopefully none come to visit! Capitol Reef National Park tomorrow! I’m very excited!!!

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