Day 121: 11/22/17 Turnoff to Trail Canyon to Bottom of Dark Canyon

Miles: 20 Steps: 43,442 Vertical gain: Strava Knows! Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: Bunch of deer, couple birds, not too much else Faith in Humanity: Didn’t see any people today: faith that there are still uncrowded places in the world! Well well, another incredible day of Walk The Parks! Quite the day of drastic change for sure! Morning started out pretty cold with temps around freezing. We left camp at 7:15am and started hiking. A long flat road at about 8,800 feet started us off. Saw a few deer prancing here and there. The wind gave us quite the chill though! Shallow snow patches lined quite a bit of the road. After 7 miles we began our descent that would end up lasting all day long. 3,000 feet of it in all! We took a long break at the Trail Canyon Trailhead to dry out our down items, enjoy the sunshine, and relax. Next up was a fairly steep trail down Trail Canyon to the bottom of Dark canyon. It was nice to be off dirt roads and on some nice trail. Down down down we went. When we reached dark canyon the trail turned pretty sandy. Cross the wash, go up steeply a few feet, join sandy single track and repeat over and over. The views are beautiful though. Last night we camped at 8,800 feet or so and it was cold! Tonight we are camped at about 5,800 feet and I lasted a whole hour at camp before putting my puffy jacket on! It’s been a long time since that has happened! I enjoyed a tasty Mac n cheese with tuna and hot sauce. Soooo good! Naomi had one of the most disgusting backpacker dehydrated meals either of us had ever had. The machine must have been broken and dumped 10 times the normal spices in her meal. One thing cool to note is that today was Naomi’s first ever 20 mile day of backpacking! Good for you, that’s awesome! Tomorrow we continue to follow the bottom of Dark Canyon. I’m excited to see how things go down! Haha, I just woke up as I heard some noise in the campsite! A mouse in the food! I flicked the bag I thought he was in and BAM: out flies a mouse through the air and onto the ground. Really pretty hilarious!


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