Day 120: 11/21/17 Beef Basin to Turnoff to Trail Canyon

Miles: 18.6 Steps: 35,724 Vertical gain: Strava Knows! Liquid consumed: 145 oz. Wildlife: Rabbit, cattle in Beef Basin Faith in Humanity: Guy slowed down in his truck and apologized for the dust! That’s a first on this trip for me! Another great day here in Walk The Parks land! Utah is full of amazing scenery and today was no exception. Certainly no Canyonlands Needles District, but still a lot of cool rock formations, cool large open areas, and then a climb to up above 8,500 feet complete with some snow on the ground and pine trees! We hit the trail from our beautiful canyon rim campsite at 7:30am. The first few minutes were pretty cold and I thought it was going to be a bit of a brutal day. After not too long though the sun shined down and we were sweating! We took a nice break in the sunshine for a bit and continued on our way. Naomi and I have both commented about how few people likely come to this area. Then, only an hour or so later a BLM law enforcement ranger and another truck passed by! Crazy! I chatted with the ranger for a bit who was really nice and interested in my trip and he let me know that the trail we would be taking tomorrow actually exists which is reassuring! Thanks for the info! I got cell reception briefly a couple of times today which really astounded me! Both times though it was only in a very specific location so I did what I could and continued hiking. It’s been awesome because I have a few people helping me out lately and they’ve been so awesome! Big shout out to Sam, Melissa, and Tara! You rock! Thanks so much for your help it’s really appreciated! Quite a bit of snow at the end of the day. Not Deep at all, but it was there. And a bit of mud. Mud that just cakes to the bottom of your shoes and is really difficult to get off. Extra heavy shoe workout for the last few miles of the day! Naomi has been quite the trooper, crushing through the 18+ miles today. Hard miles too, with a large climb and the snow and mud the last half of the day. One thing I want to comment on is the shortness of days this time of year. Sunset is just after 5pm and it’s legitimately dark by 5:30! And it doesn’t really get light again until 6:30am! That’s a ton of time to hang out at camp, be cold, Nd hang out in the tent, haha. In some ways it’s awesome: tons of rest, time to read, relax, etc. but in some ways it’s challenging: limited daylight to hike forces shorter breaks, extended tent time can get a bit boring. Overall, I love it. I’m so glad I’m so happy just about every minute of every day on this trip. Sure, it’s incredibly challenging some days with crazy wind and dust, freezing cold, blazing hot, driving rain, but so many moments are beautiful and fun. I truly love it out here and am really excited for the journey to continue! Woooo! Looked at the maps, cooked and ate dinner, charged some electronics, wrote in the Journal, now it’s the late hour of 7:30pm! I’ll probably read a bit (currently on Abbey’s Desert Solitaire) then try to go to bed. Good times in the high desert! Also day 120! 4 freaking months out here! So lucky!

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