Day 115: 11/16/17 Moab to Moab via driving several hundred miles

Miles: 0 Steps: 7,149 Vertical gain: 0 feet Liquid consumed: 104 oz. Wildlife: Rabbit, cattle, deer Faith in Humanity:Mia and her roomies for letting me crash a few days, woman at rental car place letting me pick whatever car I wanted, Naomi for bringing pizza for me! Another amazing day at Walk The Parks. Woke up, took a nice long shower with a towel Mia lent me, packed up, said goodbye and walked out the door. What a cool place to spend a couple of nights. Thanks for the hospitality!!! I walked 1.5 miles or so to the rental car place and they were so nice. I paid for the cheapest model, but they said I could have whatever I wanted! Very tempting to rent the 350Z, or whatever they’re called, but I went for the Ford Edge SUV. I then drove 2.5 hours to meet up with my friend Naomi at Hite, UT. Great to pump some tunes on the highway at 80mph! Such good contrast to my normal 2-3mph pace! And of course, amazing Utah views abounded! I arrived at 11am as scheduled and we met right up, parked her car and I put a bunch of stuff in it to pick up once we hike to her car including a new pair of hiking boots, food for the next section, and a couple of gear items I don’t think I’ll need. She brought me pizza and a donut! That’s awesome Naomi, thank you!!!! Next we hopped into my rental car and went on a crazy voyage of super remote dirt roads in the middle of absolutely nowhere! It was beautiful in the nowhere we were in the middle of! And, surprisingly, the roads were in pretty good shape. We hid some water for our upcoming adventure which took most of the rest of daylight. At dusk we arrived back in Moab, went grocery shopping, got some Chinese takeout (the woman working there laughed at me for ordering 2 full meals for myself. Next up we went to the hotel: definitely the nicest $50 hotel I’ve ever stayed at! Off season travel at its finest. We are food, organized gear and food for the trip, and relaxed a bit. I did pretty good on the 2 full meals but only ate around 90% in the end.


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