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Day 111: 11/12/17   Top of the World to Polar Mesa

Miles: 22.9 Steps: 46,483 Vertical gain: 4,539 feet Liquid consumed: 160 oz. Wildlife: Rabbits, deer Faith in Humanity: Karl and his friend stopped to chat and were really cool, then passed again and gave me two liters of water! Thank you! And they want to meet up in Moab! Top of The World is a cool name. Pretty fitting one here, too. Seems like you’re the highest point for quite a while on the road! Very cool steep canyons today. Go way to the bottom then up to the top. One canyon looked absolutely insane to drive. Maybe not so bad for a dirt bike, but crazy for a car. I kind of lingered hoping a car would come so I could watch. None did, but as I was climbing out of the other side of the canyon I met two gentlemen in a Four Runner who were going to give it a shot! They were really interested in my trip and took my card. They also knew a TON about the area. Really cool peeps! They mentioned that they have a plane and would maybe be willing to take me out flying in it when I get in to Moab! What? Anyway they were super cool but we were headed in separate directions so continued that way... This sure is amazingly beautiful country. So much color and beautiful canyons. The greater Moab area is really almost unbelievable. I guess you could put all of Southern Utah into that same category. For real: come out here and explore a bit if you never have, it’s truly unique and amazing! After dropping down into the Onion Valley the trail seemed to climb the rest of the day. I took a break and as I was getting back on the road Karl passed again! They asked if I wanted water and I thought: why not! 43 miles with no water is a ridiculously long time. They hooked me up with 2 liters and I’m super appreciative! Thank you! Today I put in my headphones and really jammed out. This is the first time I’ve listened to music in quite a while without the constant speeding cars passing by! I really loved it! Climb climb climb up over 8,000 feet! Right around 5 I headed off trail and set up my tarp. I can tell it’s going to be pretty cold tonight but it’s all good! Only my 2nd night in the tarp. Certainly not as warm as my tent but it’ll do. Just not sure how it’ll be if a snowstorm hits...

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