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Day 107: 11/8/17  Kokopelli Trail Day 2: Rabbit Valley to Westwater. Made it to Utah, my 3rd State!!

Miles: 18.8 Steps: 40,001 Vertical gain: 1,648 feet Liquid consumed: 110 oz. Wildlife: Rabbits, small lizards Faith in Humanity: Tara has been a great hiking partner and doesn’t even seem too annoyed by me! Another day in the beautiful desert. Waking up was pretty funny. I learned that Tara is not really a morning person, haha. Personally, I have this gift/curse that I have energy almost all the time. We were able to get up and on the trail by 7:15am or so which isn’t so bad! We walked a few miles and then tried to find the first water cache.... A bit nerve racking but no problem at all on the end! Found some water, took a break and enjoyed the sun. For the rest of the day the trail went through a lot of really cool canyons and was really spectacular. It was also nice and sunny all day and in the 50s: perfect weather for hiking! The last few miles of the hike we climbed out a canyon then walked on its rim with really great views. Ended the day there with a nice soft campsite. These entries are all so similar: wake up, hike all day and enjoy the scenery, set up camp. Woo! I must say though I really love it. Certainly not getting bored of the journey at all. The scenery and path is different every day and I really love that! Meet cool people, enjoy great scenery, love life!

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