Day 106: 11/7/17  Start of the Kokopelli Trail!!!

Miles: 18.5 Steps: 40,091 Vertical gain: 2,048 feet Liquid consumed: 100 oz. Wildlife: Not too much out here in the desert so far! Faith in Humanity: Gene and Rita were amazing! Thanks so much for all of the hospitality! Another amazing day on the trail! On the trail! Feels so good to be back out here after a full week off! Woke up and Gene was nice enough to cook me a breakfast of champions: eggs, toast, and bacon! So amazingly good! Thank you! Next we hopped in the car and headed towards the Trailhead! We picked up Tara along the way and were quickly hiking. Terrain was fairly flat today. Beautiful vistas of the Colorado River, cool canyons and desert abound! It was beautiful and almost 70 for the first part of the day. We really enjoyed soaking up the sun. At one point we took a break and it got really windy and looked like it might pour or thunder. Quite a contrast! It did end up raining a little and remained windy for quite a while, no big surprise for this area. We talked as we walked and enjoyed the scenery. Before we knew it, it was approaching sunset so we found a place to camp and setup the tent. The sunset was absolutely beautiful! I was able to get a pretty good photo which made me happy! We are our dinners, played some games of cards in the tent (I won every hand, frustrating Tara’s competitive attitude.) Another day of hiking and adventure awaits tomorrow!

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