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Day 105 11/6/17  the last day off!  Excited to renter Wilderness!!!

Miles: 0 Steps: 4,903 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 100 oz. Wildlife: A bald Eagle along the highway was cool! Faith in Humanity:Gene and Rita! Thanks so much for letting me stay with you and being such great hosts! Had an amazing time! Wake up in Moab, go to bed I’m Grand Junction. I woke up in my hotel and needed to finish organizing. Packing boxes, packing the car, etc. I was mailing a bunch of stuff “home”! Ended up going to the Post Office three times in Moab! One of the nicest post offices I’ve ever been to, thanks for being so friendly! Outfitter to buy some stakes, Mia’s house to drop off some supplies, eat some food, go flit the grocery store and then I starred drive to meet Tara. Beautiful road, freshly paved, amazing towers of red towering above the Colorado River! I met Tara at Dewy Bridge, stashed some things in her car to pick up in a few days when we walk back to the car, cached some water, etc. Had a great time with a car! One week of being a more typical citizen was pretty cool! But, everything comes to an end. Dropped my car off at the rental place, Gothenburg called Gene and Rita, my hosts for the night. They came and picked me up pretty quickly and brought me to their beautiful home. Just in time for sunset, I savored their beautiful view. Dinner was really tasty! Salad and a gnocchi chicken stew with a tasty cake for dessert. Great conversation about my trip and a ton of different topics was really fun. I also was able to meet Ginny and her husband who were very cool. We had some wine and enjoyed conversation. Thanks so very much for the hospitality! Well tomorrow I start into the desert! So excited! I’m pretty sure I’ll be out of cell phone range a ton coming up so apologies in advance for the lack of updates! Kokopelli Trail: here I come!

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