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Day 103 11/4/17  Tons of driving through beautiful Utah!

Miles: 0 Steps: 2,818 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 100oz. Wildlife: Cattle, horses, birds (one huge bird was eating a rabbit and it looked crazy! Faith in Humanity: didn’t interact with anyone really... If you ever get the chance, a beautiful loop drive would be from Escalante, UT along Hells Backbone road to Boulder, UT, then take UT 12 back to Escalante. Honestly one of the most scenic drives I’ve ever been on. I score out my route I’d be walking in just a couple weeks and happily found a couple of surprise running streams which was very nice! Bryce to Escalante to Boulder to Capitol Reef National Park to Hite Marina to Blanding Utah, with a bunch of backroads along the way! Important to ensure I know my route out here as getting lost could be deadly given the lack of water! So many beautiful places! I’m really excited I’ll get to hike through all of this starting very soon!

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