Day 102: 11/3/17  A ton of Driving in Utah! And a decision to change my route!

Miles: 0 Steps: 5,157 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 90 oz. Wildlife: Lots of birds in the road that just got out of my way in time. Careful little birds! Faith in Humanity: Rich was so amazing to let me crash with him for 3 nights. Thank you!!!!! Woke up early, packed up the car, said goodbye to my good friend Rich and I was on the road! Way over to Western Utah. First, I stopped in Grand Junction as I needed to buy a few more supplies. While in Grand Junction I had breakfast with Tara, who is considering going on the trail with me for a few days. Tara is super cool and I’m excited to have her join me. We ate bagels and chatted for quite a while. Eventually I had to leave though, so I’ll see you in a few days, Tara! I 70 is extremely desolate and beautiful along this stretch. I really only stopped for gas and kept moving! Several hours later I arrived at a location on my route that is essentially a 100 mile waterless stretch. I was going to drop some water for myself so I don’t die of dehydration, but as I got there I thought: this is stupid, I should ride my bike on this section! I texted Matt who will be sending the bike and he agreed! Yay! I kept driving and slept outside of Bryce Canyon National Park. I thought about the route changes I’d make and I think everything will work out much better now! Awesome! So much driving!

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