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Day 101: 11/2/17  Last day in Aspen: Make the most of it! And a party!!!

Miles: 0 Steps: 2,934 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 136 oz. Wildlife: Humans Faith in Humanity: Rich, thanks again for the stay! Thanks to all my friends for coming out to have a beer with me! I woke up and furiously organized! I needed to get a lot done and I did! Organizing food, maps, updating my website a little, etc. At 4:30 I left and headed to a party: my party! We met at Riverside Bar and Grill in Basalt and probably 20 people came! So fun! I was glad Katie and John were there a bit early so I could really connect with them for a bit! Great things came out of the party: people bought me beer, we had fun. Great to see Katie, John, Cathy, Sue, Jacob, Elliot, Melissa, Zach, Beth, Phil, Elli,Rich, Celeste who I haven’t seen in ages, Matt, Sarah, Kacey, Casey. Who am I forgetting? Probably a few I’m sorry I promise I love you too! Melissa really wants to help out and be my agent so she’s hired! So happy to have Ms. Resutko aboard! Party was awesome! Oh I also met Jill! Jill just moved to the Aspen area, saw my story in the paper and has been following along since and came out and met me which is super awesome! Great meeting you, Jill, I hope you keep following along! Elliott was nice enough to give me a ride back and I quickly went to bed!

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