Day 99: 10/31/17  Grand Junction Presentation and off to Aspen

Miles: 0 Steps: 12,210 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 110 oz. Wildlife: Wildlife? I’m on a vacation from my vacation(sort of)! Faith in Humanity: Rich let me stay at his place which is amazing, thank you my friend!!!! Well I woke up and it was game on! Off to the school with Tracy. We are breakfast, met some of her coworkers, everyone was dressed up for halloween, etc. My presentation went really well! I was excited as I love presenting and really feel it’s one of my strengths and something I really want to do more! I had a PowerPoint and first I talked about my journey for a bit. I didn’t focus on it the entire time because I wanted to get them thinking about their dreams and goals! So, I had them write down something they’ve done in the past, a goal they have for the future, and then one step they can do to get to that goal! We shared our thoughts along the way and it was really fun! Thank you so much for setting this up, Tracy, you’re the best!!!! After the presentation I hung out for a bit and walked to the rental car place. Rented a nice Toyota Corolla and was immediately on errand mode. Buying lots at the grocery store, REI, Walmart, etc. the car had a great stereo with actual bass which was awesome, haven’t had that in a long time! I finished my errands and then it was off to Aspen! I’m taking a whole week off from my trip! First stop is Aspen to get organized! It was great to see Rich and hang out! And fast internet and a laptop! Yay! Another adventurous day!

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