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Day 92: 10/24/17 New day: New Adventures; 30 Miles to Ridgway State Park

Miles: 30 Steps: 58,189 Vertical gain: 1,694 feet Liquid consumed: 112 oz. Wildlife: Dogs angrily charging at me at 7am, some birds, goats, cattle also charging (bluff charges thankfully!) Faith in Humanity: Angelee from Telluride stopped and said what’s up as she passed in her car! So awesome. We took a picture together too. Thanks so much for your hospitality. Well, camp was a bit weird last night but no one and nothing bothered me, so I woke up and was on my way by 715 as I knew I had a big day ahead. Of course the very first thing that happens is 2 dogs angrily sprint at me. I really thought the one dog was going to try to bite me but thankfully it responded well to a loud NO from me. The owners tried to call the dogs and kind of succeeded but the dogs ended up coming at me 3 times! The really annoying part? The owners didn’t shout “I’m sorry” or anything along those lines. So lame on that front! Next up I walked through a ranch that had a bunch of cattle. Surprisingly a couple of them stated moving towards me fairly quickly. This is pretty rare for cows and freaked me out a bit. Thankfully they backed off and I went on my way! After 7 miles or so the dirt road ended at a two lane highway with wide shoulders. I made quick time at about 4mph all the way to Ridgway. Angelee, my host from Telluride passed and stopped and chatted with me for a few minutes which was super cool, thanks for everything! In Ridgway I needed a restroom and wanted some cheap food so I went to the Mexican restaurant. Turned out it was quite a trendy spot. My tacos were good, but nothing super special in my opinion. I truly love Taco Bell and more authentic Mexican spots. Could skip the trendy spots, but that’s me. I chatted with quite a few people in the restaurant though which was really cool. I keep forgetting to restock my wallet with business cards though, missing opportunities to get people to follow my trip. Bummer but what can you do? Next up I was off the road for the entire rest of the day! A beautiful paved bike path by the river was great. I even met a fellow traveler! He was on his bike and from Duluth, Minnesota named Daniel. He was out for a really long bike tour. I kind of forced him to stop but we got along great and talked for a while. Good luck on your trip! Eventually I made it to the State Park, but that meant I still had 7 Miles to go as the only campground open was way at the Northern end of the park. No worries though, the park had a bike path and actual trails the whole way to the campsite just about. Really beautiful reservoir with the towering San Juan Mountains behind it. Really quite spectacular. I’m camped all alone in a fairly large campground, kind of interesting. Planning my upcoming days on the road. Lots of excitement coming. On deck for tomorrow is a roadwalk to a campground in Montrose. Should be good times. 30 miles today, big day!

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