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Day 91: 10/23/17 Telluride to a small patch of BalM land I bet no one ever camps in!

Miles: 18.8 Steps: 34,722 Vertical gain: 1,706 feet Liquid consumed: 90 oz. Wildlife: Some birds, heard a coupe dogs, that’s about it. Faith in Humanity:Angelee for the awesome place to crash in Telluride. There was also a really nice woman in Sawpit at the store that was really friendly and cool. Well, Telluride was short and sweet. I woke up around 7 and was out the door by 7:45 this morning. I did manage to misplace my sunglasses and didn’t find them. Kind of sucks to lose them but I bought a cheap pair for $15 at the supermarket as I left town. Rare if me to lose things, but it still certainly happens. Oh well... Definitely got some stares as I walked out of town, but what else is new! I just do my usual smile at everyone and go on my way! I was excited to walk a bike path then a trail, but unfortunately the trail was closed after only 200 yards or Sofia some reason... oh well, onto the road... there was quite a bit of construction for a bit and really small shoulders for another bit, but after a few miles I reached another trail by the river for probably 5 miles which was awesome. Paved road walking really helps you appreciate any firm of trail you can ge! The river trail ended and I was on the main road another couple of miles before I reached my turnoff. A surprise store was in Sawpit where I needed to turn. They had a very tasty and reasonably priced lunch so I went for it!!! Mm, bbq pork and potato salad. The woman working there was super friendly and chatted with me as I ate. I tried to figure out if she knew about the spot where I was camping but she was a bit uncertain, just like me! Up the road I went and the views of the distant mountains were stunning as I climbed. Big spread out kits up here, but the also have cell service which seems somehow out of place. I’m sure these lots aren’t cheap though! So I followed the Riad and found on the map where it becomes public land. Sure enough a fence ends and the no trespassing signs stop. A steep embankment though... I was kind of laughing: I’m sure nobody vamps here. Ever. You can’t park on the road and it’s a pretty steep hill down. But I even called the BLM office and they said it’s fine to call on Any BLM land so here I am! The only good flat area is an old road that looks like animals use as a trail. No animals yet thankfully and hopefully not all night! There are a couple of houses quite close though. Haha, just kind of a strange spot! But it’s legal and free so that works for me. Really weren’t many other options either! I was done so early today! Relaxed, read, researched my upcoming route, etc. I set up my tent at dusk and now I’m getting ready for bed at 8:30pm. #rockstar #rockandrolllifestyle On to a campground tomorrow in Ridgway State Park I do believe! Longer day too. Dirt road to paved road to bike path, so some good variety!

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