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Day 83: 10/15/17  Durango, CO: Why hurry?

Miles: 0 Steps: 5,748 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 136 oz. Wildlife: Dogs and humans Faith in Humanity: Roby for sure wins today’s award. Thank you so much for everything! I’m so lucky to meet so many kind individuals on this journey! Well, so I’m still in Durango. I was really thinking I’d just wake up and leave. I had a bit of ankle pain though. I think it is from walking on roads so much. Walking on the left side, against traffic, means the road is almost always slanted to the left. Over long distances I think my left ankle started noticing this and wasn’t into it! Not horrible but I asked if I could stay another night and Roby was so welcoming. We talked some more, then went and ate lunch at a super tasty Tibet/Nepali restaurant with an all you can eat much buffet!!!!!! What? How could this get better! It was so good. So GOOD! Mmm Afterwards we walked around downtown Durango which was pretty cool then back to the house with the friendly dogs. We watched a show about a guy traveling to SE Asia with his dad. It was great in some ways but also kind of annoying with how obviously staged so much of it was but overall I loved it. I’m really leaving tomorrow. Haha, but that’s what I thought yesterday!

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