Day 79: 10/11/17  One more day off before hitting the road.

Miles: 0 Steps: 3,404 Vertical gain: 0 feet Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: not too much, a couple dogs Faith in Humanity: A nice donation to help cover some of the costs of my expensive stay in Pagosa Springs. Thank you so much! It’s expensive to take so many days off and go to the doctor... I woke up this morning pretty excited about leaving. Then I thought: is it really smart to immediately jump back into huge exercise right after starting my antibiotics cycle? Probably not. Let me give my body 1 more day of good rest and I’ll take off tomorrow. Sure, I don’t like how much money I’m spending on hotels at all, but if I overdo it my body will demand more days off regardless. With that, I decide to take one more full day off. I really didn’t do much at all today. In hindsight, I wish I used my time more productively but I was definitely not even close to 100% so I shouldn’t beat myself up too much... I’m feeling great and looking forward to making progress again tomorrow.


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