Day 76: 10/8/17  7 Miles and not feeling too good!

Miles: 7 Steps: 16,293 Vertical gain: 598 feet Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: Horses, cattle, squirrels, chipmunks, Rabbit Faith in Humanity: a couple people waved to me from their cars. Well today didn’t really go as planned. Plan was to hike 19 miles and I did about 7. Pagosa Springs is spread out over about 8 miles which is kind of crazy for how small it is here. Cool town though I like it. I walked mostly on sidewalks and bike paths with a couple sections of grass on the side of a shoulder-less road. I was feeling weak, nauseous and a little dizzy too. How fun! I got to the far end of town, went in a grocery store, and thought: I probably shouldn’t keep going. Sadly the cheapest hotel had closed down so I chose the cheapest open hotel and got a room. Several trips to the bathroom and I still wasn’t feeling well. This has got to go away soon, I thought....

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