Day 75: 10/7/17  20 Pavement Miles to Pagosa Springs!

Miles: 20 Steps: 39,712 Vertical gain: 268 feet Liquid consumed: 90 oz. Wildlife: Horses, cattle, squirrels, chipmunks, weird roadkill of various animals Faith in Humanity: one dude stopped and offered me a ride who had done quite a bit of long distance hiking (I declined). Awesome people at campground took me into town and let me hang out at their fire. 15 degrees when I woke up, coldest day yet! I went back to sleep for a bit but fairly quickly got up and packed my things. The coldest is always the hands when stuffing everything in the pack, tent poles, etc. I still had my intestinal issues going on all day which wasn’t the most ideal, especially on a fairly busy road walk! I was able to buy some medicine though and things have been better so far, fingers crossed! Down down down down and more down was today’s theme. Beautiful trees changing color. Really a truly beautiful day in general. I was a bit weak though. Just s little tired. Had trouble drinking water and eating which is really rare for me. Onward I stumbled... Was so happy to see the campground sign when I got to town. I was thinking I could maybe get food delivered if restaurants were far, but apparently that wasn’t an option... then someone said they were going into town and I could join them. How nice! I set up my tent and showered and relaxed. At 5:30 I met Mike, Lisa, and David and off we went to a restaurant and brewery called Riff Raff. We met up with another couple from the RV park who were fun to talk to and hopefully started following my journey. Had a burger which really hit the spot. A substantial meal made me feel so much better. After dinner we returned to the campground and enjoyed a fire for a couple of hours together. Jill and Mike were even so kind as to give me a beer. Off to a campground tomorrow about 19 miles from here. Really excited!


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