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Day 74: 10/6/17  Big Road to Wolf Creek Pass and my stomach!

Miles: 22.3 Steps: 44,631 Vertical gain: 2,906 feet Liquid consumed: 76 oz. Wildlife: Nothing. Can’t think of another day I was outside all day and didn’t notice an animal! It was a roadwalk though! Faith in Humanity:El Presidente really went out of his way multiple times to hook me up and I sure do appreciate it! Great seeing you my friend! Hopefully next time is sooner than the last! Well, sometime yesterday I started developing some stomach trouble. Run to the bathroom quick kind of trouble. Haha. It woke me up several times while sleeping last night. I was a bit worried to hit the trail in these conditions but I really didn’t want to take another day off. We left the house around 6:30. Super foggy the first few miles then it cleared completely up magically after a bit. Dropped off where I stopped cycling in South Fork and I have El Presidente a hug and thanked him for everything and then I was on my way! Kind of weak feeling all day. Took some bathroom breaks off the road; didn’t eat much food or drink much water really all day.... Really hope this is just a couple day bug and not Giardia or anything. Time will tell. The Road really wasn’t bad at all. Good shoulder almost the entire way and lots of flattish grassy areas next to the road. One woman did stop and offer me a ride. And she already knew who I was due to Peru in South Fork. What an awesome small world! Thanks for the offer I really appreciate it! I took breaks as I saw fit and eventually, in a low energy fashion , walked a couple Miles past The Summit Of wolf Creek Pass( 10,800 ft guess) and now I’m camped in a pretty exposed car camping site near the Road. It is free day night but it’s supposed to be quite cold so I’m not too worried about camp intruders in the form of rowdy 4x4ers. Tomorrow Pagosa Springs. Looks like there might be some cheap camping but we shall see how the future unfolds!

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