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Day 73: 10/5/17  Rest and Relaxation continued: is there ever enough?

Miles: 7 Steps: 2,600 Vertical gain: 85 feet Liquid consumed: 160 oz. Wildlife: Rabbits, dog Faith in Humanity: El Prez, such a great host! Well, Reagan didn’t get home until really late last night as he was on a search and rescue mission to help some lost hikers. Apparently they kept moving, so he got in a 33 mile hike searching which is pretty absurd! I decided last minute to take another day off. I really like it here. It’s so quiet and really pretty and besides, I didn’t want to make him drive me all the way to my “trail” after coming home so late. The criteria for days off for me is easy: is it awesome and is it cheap? I mean sure sometimes you have to spring for the hotel, but I do for sure try to limit it due to cost. Here I ride a bike to the grocery store 4 miles away, bought groceries and cane back o the quiet nice house. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I’d like to though, but that’s just a recurring theme of life I think! Tomorrow I’m really getting back on the “trail.”

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