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Day 72: 10/4/17  Doing Nothing feels Fantastic!

Miles: 0 Steps: 1,126 Vertical gain: 0 feet Liquid consumed: 148 oz. Wildlife: Amos, El Presidentes dog Faith in Humanity: Of course my good friend El Presidente with all the hospitality Well I did about as little as humanly possible today. Slept in, relaxed, hydrated, watched some Netflix, improved my website, sent a couple emails. Amos is such a good dog! Seriously I really feel like he’s the dog people wish they had! He’s 17 now which by itself is pretty crazy. But he just doesn’t do much. Comes over once in a while to get pet; but mostly just lays down in a couple select spots and that’s that! He wanted to go outside maybe twice per day, and even then he comes back in after 10 minutes. You’re awesome, Amos!

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