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Day 70: 10/2/17  Ultra Windy and Flat Road Walk

Miles: 24 Steps: 49,984 Vertical gain: 80 feet Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: Biggest Snake I’ve seen of the trip, Rabbit, El Presidente’s dog, German Shepard on the road that scared me Faith in Humanity: El Presidente, my friend from the AT in 2007 is giving me some amazing trail magic!!! Also free corn dog at Mosca Pit Stop! Well, today certainly was interesting. The wind didn’t die down at all last night and in fact the day was full of 30mph sustained winds and gusts at higher speeds! Sooo windy! Road really wasn’t so bad though. Flat, fairly low traffic, and a nice flat area next to much of the road that I could walk on that was nicer on my feet. I put in my headphones and pulled my buff over my head and everything was fine. There was a state park 11 miles into the day that provided a nice restroom stop. Very flat sagebrush desert terrain all day. So incredibly flat. You can tell because only 80 feet of elevation gain in 24 miles is ridiculously flat! At the gas station in Mosca I stopped and had some chocolate milk which did my body good. The woman working there offered me a corn dog that was about to be thrown out! And a tasty corn dog it was, thank you! Certainly wasn’t expecting that! Next up was more flat straight roads! I was a little scared of a non leashed German Shepard who followed at a distance for a while, but thankfully he went back to his house! I love gifs but they also could really mess up my progress on this trip! I learned a couple days ago that my friend from the AT, El Presidente, lived nearby and wanted to hang out! He even found me on the road at 4:30, swept me off and bought me a real tasty Mexican all you can eat buffet in Alamosa, and let me crash at his place. I really enjoy his sense of humor and we had a great time over a couple of drinks at his house. He also has a nice bicycle he’s going to let me borrow tomorrow! I’m totally fine riding a bike to get some of the flat road walk out of the way. Then, he’s going to pick me up after my ride tomorrow, let me crash at his place again and bring me back again the next morning! You’re awesome, thank you so much for your hospitality! Living the life of luxury for me lately! Life’s so good!

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