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Day 62: 9/24/17 Salida to somewhere over the Rainbow (Trail)

Miles: 22 Steps: 46,417 Vertical gain: Strava knows! Liquid consumed: 120 oz. Wildlife: squirrels, chipmunks, that’s about it! Faith in Humanity: Mom and Paul really hooked it up for me yesterday and this morning and I’m really thankful! Sad to see them go though! Well it sure was nice to sleep in a hotel bed! Even nicer? Getting driven to a breakfast place and ordering a burrito so large I couldn’t finish it! That’s pretty rare for me! Haha, I barely ate the rest of the day! Thank you so much! I was really sad to see Mom and Paul leave. I have been thinking and I know that I’m about to start a very difficult section of Walk a The Parks! Almost no other hikers, freezing cold temperatures and rain in CO combined with very long paved road walks, then transitioning to no water in Utah and AZ, short days and long nights. It’s going to be very challenging, particularly because there’s no one to share the experience with. Anyway, this is my future. I’m certainly intimidated a bit by it! Also excited for the challenge. Challenges conquered create great rewards. I roadwalked to another road to the Rainbow Trail. I’ll be on this trail for a number of days until Great Sand Dunes National Park! I had to retype the previous paragraph a few times since I’m so tired. Gotta catch some Zzzzzzzz. Also quite cold, brrr

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