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Day 60: 9/22/17 My last miles on the Colorado Trail

Miles: 25 Steps: 54,033 Vertical gain: 4,487 Liquid consumed: 148 oz Wildlife: squirrels, chipmunks,Horses, ducks, a little grey and black bird that was fearless. I respect you, little buddy! Faith in Humanity: Woman stopped her car unprompted and offered me a ride which I declined. Thanks! Also a Really nice guy working at Princeton store. We chatted for a while. It’s funny that I think today’s terrain was kind of easy but I still did 25 miles and almost 4,500 feet of elevation gain! I was actually thinking of pushing on farther but luckily didn’t and got my tent set up just before the 30th round of hail/rain of the Day came in. Very variable weather today. Mostly cloudy, but some sunshine, some rain, few claps of thunder, at least 30 minor hail storms, pretty windy at times. Overall not so bad, did have to wear my rain jacket for a couple of hours though. I went pretty quickly the first 10 Miles to get to the Princeton Hot Springs Store. I had a microwave burrito and a Squirt soda. Haha, all organic of course! Nope! I was quite tempted to go to the hot springs but $25 seemed kind of absurd. Rather spend my money on crappy food... Beautiful Aspen leaves much of the day. Mellow rolling terrain too. Oh I lost my spoon! No clue how I did that going to have to replace it in Salida. Kind of surprised really, maybe it’s laying around somewhere but my search was quite thorough. Oh well, feel bad about littering though! No more Colorado Trail after 1 more mile tomorrow morning. Then I’m on to a road walk into the town of Salida then to the Vear Creek Trailhead for the Rainbow Trail. Very exited to hang out with my Mom and step dad tomorrow. Good times all around!

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