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Day 56: 9/18/17 Aspen and Basalt resting and being productive!

Miles: 0 Steps: 8,524 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 128 Wildlife: Humans Faith in Humanity: Rich for the amazing hospitality and place to stay. Thank you so much my friend!!! Well, another rest day! A great one, too! I'm A new man! I ride with Rich up to Snowmass to stop by my old office. I had left some gear there and I wanted to pick that up and hopefully say hello to my coworkers. I was there around 7am though and didn't end up waiting around. I did get some new shoes though, and they feel so good! I used one pair of shoes to make it 1,100 miles and that was too long. So happy to put on a new pair. I got on the bus with all of the gear and was quickly back to Rich's place thanks to the super efficient bus system here. Next up I made a mess. Spread out all of my gear and reorganized everything. New ziploc bags, adding down pants and another shirt layer as it's getting colder. New hiking shirt, new socks! I buzzed my head and have a new haircut! Seriously so excited, I'm a new man! Even got a new sleeping pad! Yay!!! I bought some food. Oh, that reminds me, this place is absolutely the most perfect place to take a break from hiking. There are 2 large supermarkets within a 5 minute walk, a great outfitter even closer and a bunch of restaurants! So good! I spent the rest of the day improving my website (it looks soooooo much better!!!). I also asked for some music suggestions on Facebook and fit quite a response. Thank you! I've already added over 500 songs and there's still more suggestions!

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