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Day 55: 9/17:17  Twin Lakes to Aspen in a car!

Miles: 0 Steps: 1,736 (I think I didn't have my phone for part of the day, that's funny!) Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: Mostly humans and Kevin the dog Faith in Humanity: Kirk and Christina coming in for the win with a ride to Aspen, goof times, and a great lunch together! And we have Rich, my great friend and host in Aspen. Thanks so much fir the hospitality my friend! Another amazing day for the luckiest guy in the world. Woke up and it was quite cold after a good sleep. Kirk and I set up our cameras and ended up getting some pretty cool time lapses of the clouds moving and clearing to display some peaks. Also the Aspen trees are turning bright yellow and it's really gorgeous. I had a Red Bull and Coca Cola for breakfast, the remnants of our supplies from last night. We slowly packed up and hit the road. Last night we had a discussion about how I shouldn't hitchhike, so I asked "well how else am I supposed to get to Aspen?" At which pint they insisted on bringing me. Not my intention, but they are extremely generous and nice. Thank you! We stopped along the way and flew Kirks drone a bit which was cool. Another beautiful drive over Independence Pass! We made it to Basalt around 1pm, and grabbed lunch at Capitol Creek Brewery. It was really good! A couple beers and a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg on it was delightful! Thanks so much you guys! You're generosity truly is appreciated! Haha, really I just like hanging out. So glad I met you two. You're funny, smart, and easy to hang out with! Yay for friends! Next I went to Rich's beautiful new loft apartment and settled in. Felt great to shower, relax and have my laptop! Jumped on my long to do with a laptop list quickly. Went out to dinner with Rich and Susan (a former co worker who I've always loved). Tasty BBQ pork, Mac n cheese, and a loaded baked potato! So good! Gonna triple my weight when I'm done with all these rest days, haha!

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