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Day 51: 9/13/17 Silverthorne to above Copper Mountain

Miles: 20 Steps: 40,363 Vertical gain: Strava Knows Liquid consumed: 140 oz Wildlife: Squirrels(one was roadkill on a bike path, rare!), chipmunks, dead Elk successfully hunted Faith in Humanity: lots of people said hi to me on the various bike paths today. A couple people completely ignored me when I know they heard me, but so is life. Well, my hotel room guilt transformed into "I'm not leaving until check out time!" I only made it until 10am before leaving, but still I thought that was pretty good. I slept in almost until 8. I say almost as I was up at probably 7 but just closed my eyes until 8. It was nice to catch up on things. All these days off and inside accommodations are crazy lately! So different from the beginning month or so of the trip. No complaints here though. I have more coming up to as I'll be going to Aspen for a few days to get some warmer clothes, maps, update my website (hopefully lots), and see friends. I lazily got ready and was out the door by 10am. The mission today: hike a bike path! I could have taken a mountainous route, but I was excited to have a bit more "urban" feel on the day. I walked through Silverthorne, Dillon, Frisco, and Copper Mountain today. Freaking Manhattan in terms of towns on this trip so far. (Most of the trip was outside of town on scenic paved bike path though). I wish that just 10% of the people who stared at me would talk to me. Almost as soon as I left the hotel this one guy in a convenience store parking lot is just staring at me for like 30 seconds straight! I got close and said "hi, I'm hiking!" He said "I can see that." Then turned away! Haha! Who does that? I guess it's a good lesson in how it must feel to be a pretty girl: kind of shitty. I'm sorry, pretty girls who have to deal with creepers staring at them all the time, it's weird! Anyway, most of the people were really cool. Many cyclists and walkers and hikers said hello and that's great. I ate at Taco Bell in Frisco and it was delightful! Mmmm! Then I bought a couple groceries at Walmart, good times. I walked Main St in Frisco and couldn't help but think "I'd never go into most of there stores, ever!" And I thought how true that was for most CO mountain towns, especially Aspen. Wealthy place, these mountains. There were a lot of people out and about and I thought: if you go to CO and you're going to walk at least go hike on a trail! Everywhere in the world has silly shops, but mountains are unique. Anyway, I did think it was cool to see people out and about, I'm not trying to be negative Blakey over here. It absolutely poured on me today, but only for like 5 minutes. Oh well! And now I'm camped at 10,800 feet. Tomorrow the forecast is completely horrible: heavy rain with scattered thunderstorms! I'm only above treeline for the first few miles so hopefully I can bust them out before the rain hits. Immmentslly preparing for a very wet day and evening after that, no big deal...

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