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Day 48: 9/10/17, Another ZERO! Breaks are essential!

Miles: 0 Steps: 4,097 Vertical gain: 130 feet Liquid consumed: 164 oz Wildlife: None! Just humans! Faith in Humanity: Again, Anna and Mrs. Walters really hooked it up! Thank you so very much! Well I woke up pretty late today and I thought: should I take another full day off? I felt a little guilty about it but after texting Mrs. Walters she said I should stay as long as I like and not worry about a thing. DONE! So that's the story of my day. I did make another trip to the grocery store for more food but that's literally all I did. Kind of boring to many I suppose. This is the longest break I've taken since starting this journey. In some ways I thought I should be on the trail, but don't worry that didn't occupy my mind for long. I really enjoyed my day. I uploaded a bunch of videos, lounges in front of the TV (very rare for me!) and just ate food drank liquid and relaxed. I could get used to this normal life! (Not quite normal since I don't have a job right now though.... Anyway it was awesome, I'm happy I took another rest day. Back to the trail tomorrow.

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