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Day 47: 9/9/17, Amazing Zero inside Four Walls!

Miles: 0 Steps: 3,446 Vertical gain: 130 feet Liquid consumed: 164 oz Wildlife: None! Just humans! Faith in Humanity: My amazing hosts letting me stay in their condo in Fraser, of course! Thank you so much! Well, in the morning I met up with a reporter named Sawyer at the supermarket. He was really cool and we chatted for easily an hour or so about Walk the Parks. I will post the story link when it's published. And after that???! Well, I bought some groceries and headed back to the condo. Caught up on some journal entries, relaxed, didn't move much at all, and really enjoyed my day. In all honesty, this is some of the best trail magic ever. Even though I'm alone, it's so nice to have a big place to just relax on my own, make food in the kitchen which is fun and much less expensive than restaurants, and just be restful! And since they didn't charge me for my stay, I don't feel guilty about blowing a ton of money somewhere. I do struggle with being cheap. I can be cheap and thrifty and such but it's also so much fun to go all out! You know? Hit up 4 restaurants throughout the day then gear back to a hotel room? I don't know... But I do know I've really been making an effort to live cheaply. I need my money which is fairly limited, to last a LONG TIME. This trip is long. Also, realistically I'm going to have to spend more money in some places due to lack of public land or places to camp, abundances of towns close together, limited lodging options during a bad storm, etc. just something I think about. Ahh the day passed slowly and enjoyment abounded. Such happy times in Fraser!

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