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Day 46: 9/8/17 TOWN DAY!

Miles: 6.5 Steps: 18,266 Vertical gain: 2,006 feet Liquid consumed: 180 oz Wildlife: pika, marmot, cute dog Blaze I caught a ride into town with Faith in Humanity: Nice ride into town from a local. Thank you!!! And the best: free condo all to myself!! Thanks so much Anna and Mrs. Walters, this is so nice!!!! Well today was a run for town! I had organized my gear for a quick departure from camp. I awoke in darkness and was climbing away by 6:15am. Climbed a beautiful mountain over 13,000 feet then down to Berthoud Pass. Really beautiful ridge walking (Again!!) this morning. Also some interesting military style communications building atop another mountain I was near. I guess architecture needs to be military-esque to survive life at 13,000 feet. I was at the Riad pretty quickly, thumb extended outward. Pretty busy road but the first 40 cars didn't stop. A woman who was parked in the Trailhead saw me and gave me a ride. She had a real sweet dog,Blaze, that I sat next to and pet along the way. She split her time between Fraser and Boulder and was nice to chat with about my adventure. Even dropped me off really close to my intended destination, thank you!!!!! Next up was Safeway grocery shopping. I got food for the next few days on trail and some things to eat at the beautiful condo o was about to find. They were nice at the store and let me store my pack inside. I don't really like leaving my pack just outside as it could easily be stolen. I love grocery shopping. Especially in a nice big store. Sooooo many choices after being in the woods for a few days. It's easy to overdo it to though, I'll report back on that when I leave town, haha. I bought a couple healthy items, but I'm most excited about... Pizza, ice cream, soda! Mmmmmmm! Haha, trail life is the best life! Next up was finding the place I'm staying at. My friend from Aspen, Anna, and her mom Catherine Walters have been extremely hospitable! The original plan was to meet them both and stay here, but Mrs. Walters changed their plans and Anna couldn't get out of work. They were nice enough to let me stay anyway! I climbed the steep hill from the supermarket (thankfully finding a trail to cut off the long road switchback) and found the place really easily. A beautiful condo overlooking Fraser with mountains in the distance. And it's so nice here! Full kitchen, laundry, big tv. It's been so nice to have a quiet place to relax. Thank you this is seriously amazing trail magic, I love it!!!!! Wish I could have seen both of you, but thanks so much for letting me stay regardless. The remainder of the day was spent doing as close to nothing physical as possible. Bake a pizza, eat some ice cream. Hydrate, watch some TV (I almost never watch TV, so it's intriguing when I get the chance!) Set up a meeting with a reporter tomorrow morning, sweet!

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