Day 43: 9/5/17 Out of Grand Lake into beautiful flat trail right next to lots of lakes and the Color

Miles: 22 Steps: 44,873 Vertical gain: Strava knows Liquid consumed: 140 oz Wildlife: squirrels (one was absolutely so incredibly annoyed that I took a break near him, he seriously chirped at me for over 20 minutes.), deer, grouse (they totally freak me out sometimes, making so much noise and commotion when you get close to them but of course you don't see them. JUMP!!Also I'm camped ok the middle of TONS of game trails. TONS! I hope the animals will allow me to stay here as I choose the animal spot over the unavoidable huge dead trees that are above everywhere else! Faith in Humanity: 1st car that passed me on a 2 mile long dirt road walk"Would you like some fresh cantaloupe? How about 2 slices?" WHAT!!! That's what dreams are made of! Thank you so much! New day, new dream come true. Despite my late night I woke up somewhat early. In the free food area of the kitchen there was Raisin Bran and milk in the fridge! Done! I also had a burrito that I didn't eat the night before due to my pizza feast. Many will be disgusted by my eating choices, but many times it's about calories per dollar. My burrito had 710 calories for $1.50. Not quite a Whole Foods organic avocado, but it was cheaper and had 6 times the calories! Anyway, I'm absurd, but I need to be honest too! After breakfast I was out. A walk through town then a solid 10 of the 15 miles or so South of Grand Lake is directly next to several lakeshores. Really beautiful! I was still in Rocky Mountain National Park for much of the day, but now it's done. 3 Parks Walked, 44 to go! So happy there's still so much more to do! I'm seriously having a great time out here, even given the struggles some days do bring. I thought there might be a snack shop along the way, but sadly it was closed. Oh well! Super hazy today! It actually started last night, this haze. From large wildfires in the Pacific Northwest. Very hazy! I think the fires are really far away though, Towards the end of the day I came to a place with lots of rules: The Indian River Wilderness. I took a photo as there were so many signs with rules. Definitely a popular area. Permits were needed to camp overnight, but no one was working at the building with the sign saying permits can be obtained there... oh well, so I just kept walking until I was out of the wilderness. So many animal trails around where I camped. So many dead trees everywhere else! Stay away animal that makes so many trails (guessing moose family.) Ok so tired must go to bed

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