Day 34: 8/27/17 Full day off in Steamboat Springs!

Miles: 4 Steps: 8,216 Vertical gain: 50 feet Liquid consumed: 128 oz Wildlife: Lots of other humans around town! Faith in Humanity: Free appetizer and beer at Italian restaurant in Frisco! Thank you!!!!! Awesome times with my friend Maureen! A great day off! I slept in as late as I possibly could and when I woke I stayed lying in bed even longer. Felt great to start my day like that. Eventually, lazily, I took a shower and got ready to do some errands. I walked the half mile or so to the free bus and went to the grocery store, then ate some food, then walked by the river for a little bit then decided to come back to my apt/room. It's nice being so restful on a day off. Sometimes I have to force myself, but rest is really super important! My friend Maureen had a rough day at work (she's a nurse so there are certainly rough days in a hospital) and wanted to meet for a couple drinks around 8pm. We went to a fun Italian restaurant where they gave us great complimentary appetizer of hummus and bread and oil, free shots, a free beer, and we had a super tasty pizza and some wine. I don't drink much but it was really nice to have some fun!

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