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Day 33: 8/26/17 Into town! Buffalo Pass and Steamboat Springs!

Miles: 8 Steps: 18,861 Vertical gain: 600 feet Liquid consumed: 128 oz Wildlife: Birds, squirrels, chipmunks, some alpacas at a camp Faith in Humanity: Tons! Hitch into town, awesome salad, cheese platter, and cake from airbnb hosts, beers and fun with Maureen and Brendan! I'm so lucky and life is amazing! Frost on the ground as I woke up!! Brrrr. Coldest night yet on trail! I quickly got on the trail to Buffalo Pass. I was thinking it'd be an easy hitch into town. Then I got to Buffalo Pass... I chatted with some hunters and they pretty much said they hadn't seen a single car go towards Steamboat. Oh! Guess I'll start walking. I walked a few miles down the road and camp upon a campsite with two cars. They were honking their horn loudly yelling at their friends that they needed to go. Haha, a bit odd and probably a long night, but if they left I'd try to get a ride. Why not? I threw my thumb up. The first car didn't have any room, but they said there was a van behind them but "be careful, they're savages, seriously." Haha, hmmm. I threw my thumb up as the minivan passed. They said I could have a ride if I could fit it. I went to the sliding door. All of their camping gear was haphazardly thrown in the back and two people were kind of sitting on it... whatever, they seemed ok, just like they had a long night, so I hopped in. Even though the one dude was trying to jump out the window a couple of times and opening the sliding door, sticking his feet out and kind of skiing down the rough road, they were ok. I didn't feel in danger or anything, they were just a bit crazy and seems like last night continued into this morning but some of the crew needed to get back to town to work. Haha, definitely the craziest hitch I've ever had, and actually my first real hitch of my hike! Haha. Thanks for the ride though. Appreciate it!!! The laundromat was permanently closed so I shopped at Walmart, smelling horrid. I walked the aisles slowly, they were nice and let me keep my pack at the front of the store. I put on a 2nd layer to diffuse my smell a bit. Of course I bought too much. But whatever, that errand was done. Then it was off towards where I was staying and the other Laundromat had it's bathrooms closed, which is a problem for me since I typically wear over 50% of the clothes I need to wash! Haha, oh well, better to save a couple bucks and do laundry at the airbnb place I'm staying. I are some tasty subway using some Subway gift cards I got as an amazing trail magic gift in Rawlins. (Thanks Shana and Jed!!!!) Next, my airBNB host Nicole was nice enough to give me a ride to their place. She is super nice, as is her husband and their daughter Evelyn. This place is nice! I did shower and laundry. I don't look like a hiker. I'm clean cut, have a cotton tshirt and smell fine. Haha! I like it! Next, Nicole asked if I wanted to ride bikes to a brewery with them? Sure, why not? It was a mile or so away. I had a couple beers but the amazing part was Nicole and her friends all brought food! An amazing and tasty salad, lots of different cheeses, and some cake with fruit and whipped cream that was so good to celebrate Rebecca's birthday! Thanks so much for inviting me, really appreciate it!!!! After that awesomeness I went to another brewery about half a mile away and met my friend Maureen and her friend Brendan! They bought me a couple beers which was extremely generous of them! Thank you! We had a bunch of fun over a couple beers, then hung out at Maureen's place for a bit before getting a ride back home around 10:30. What a great day and night in Steamboat, so much fun and awesomeness and trail magic. Feel so lucky!!!

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