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Day 28: 8/21/17 28 miles again in the beating sun of the red desert.  What eclipse???

Miles: 28 Steps: 55,539 Vertical gain: Strava Knows Liquid consumed: 218 oz Wildlife:chipmunk, tons of yellow moths, really loud grasshoppers(?), pronghorn, cows Faith in Humanity: A retired couple passed in their truck on the road and asked if I was hiking the trail and even offered a ride. I declined, but that was extremely nice of them! Another day, another 28 miles. Tough day! I was feeling my pack weight and the relentless sun! Ok so there was an eclipse today. It started to get a bit dark so I took a break and started a time lapse shot with my phone. Was there even an eclipse? Maybe "totality" was the key? No clue bit it made me laugh, I've been downplaying the eclipse but I thought it'd be much cooler than what I saw! I was reading that you could see stars during the day and all sorts of crazy stuff. Whatever, pretty funny. I had a few negative thoughts today. Mainly like: will I ever be in a forest or see trees again?!! I think it was just the sun beating down. I drank 7 liters of water today too, crazy! In all honesty, this area is really beautiful, super remote, and not well traveled. I quite like it, just sometimes that damn heavy pack and beating sun gets to you! Even me, Mr. Positive. It's not all skipping through wildflowers out here, believe me! Made it 28 miles and I'm camped a bit above a creek. I saw mountains in the distance, with trees and everything! Maybe that's my destiny for tomorrow? Time will tell!

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