Day 26: 8/19/17 Friends visit on a restful day off in Rawlins, WY

Miles: 0 Steps: 4,609 Vertical gain: Strava Knows Liquid consumed: 128 oz (guess) Wildlife: a terrified rabbit in the hotel parking lot, a deer in downtown Rawlins Faith in Humanity: Shana and Jed visiting and hooking up the trail magic! They even gave me a Subway gift card!So rad! What a great rest day! So thankful I had gotten my errands out of the way yesterday so I could relax today! And relax I did. Continental breakfast was nice, though everyone speaks so quietly so others don't hear them I guess? I should have changed that and chatted people up, but I didn't, and ate. Hard boiled eggs, Raissa bean, OJ, bagels with Cream Cheese. Mmmm, good. Next up was a whole lot of laying down and working on Walk The Parks stuff. I downloaded maps, uploaded a ton of videos to YouTube, learned how to schedule future posts, and generally relaxed. The TV was on in the background. I almost never watch TV in regular life, but I find it amusing while hiking. The lack of things in the woods combined with the over abundance of things in town really intrigues me. Yesterday at The Laundromat I noticed one of my shirts had a hole in it. It didn't look so bad, I thought. Today I looked again and it wasn't so good. So, what's a guy to do? Go to Walmart and buy a $4 shirt, of course. It's cotton, but it'll do just fine for a while. After more relaxing my friend Shana, her husband Jed, and sweet dog Theo came and visited! They were headed North to see the huge eclipse tomorrow that's turning $60 hotel rooms into $500 rooms around here. Insane. And this place is still 120 miles South of "totality". Good for the economy here though! First we went to eat some Mexican food and it was super tasty! It was great to talk with familiar faces and really kind of amazing that timing worked out. Next we were going to get ice cream but the place was closed so we got 32 oz beers instead! Again we chatted and enjoyed spending time in Rawlins. I love little towns like this, they have such unique character! The economy is certainly struggling here, or so it appears, but everyone was super friendly! Thanks so much for the hospitality! It was amazing seeing you guys, and thanks for your generosity with lunch and beer! You rock! Seriously, that made me so happy! Oh I should be an Outlaw Pronghorn for Halloween: a combination of the two mascots of Rawlins! I stayed up pretty late uploading videos. Time consuming process!


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