Day 25 8/18/17 Made it to Rawlins!  1st shower in 2 weeks felt really good!

Miles: 22 Steps: 44,266 Vertical gain: 1,200 feet Liquid consumed: 156 oz Wildlife: non-wild horses, cows, large herds of pronghorns, rabbit in the hotel parking lot that was really freaked out. Faith in Humanity: tons of amazing hospitality at the post office, super friendly hotel worker 25 days on the books! Today was supposed to be mostly a non-trail cross country route. I stick with that until past the fenced spring water source.(that's the norm lately, lots fenced in springs with solar pumps to get the water out of the ground. Fenced to keep the cattle out) After the spring there were some trail markers, so I thought that was nice, but they quickly disappeared after a mile or so. At that point, I decided to hike the road about a mile East of the trail. It's great that they're taking the CDT off the road, but hopefully eventually trail tread will be put in... It'd be cool to come volunteer and do it. I bet the Rawlins residence and tourists would love a nice trail, but will the private property owners that the trail crosses enjoy the additional traffic on their land? Ahh the extreme challenges of creating a 3,000 mile trail, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Anyway, the road had high speed traffic with a 70mph limit and lots of 18 wheeler traffic. Not ideal, so I walked in the grassy area next to the road. A bit of a bushwhacked at times, but better than being directly next to such traffic and less annoyance than the non-trail. I happily walked into town. So excited to take a full day off tomorrow, so I committed to doing all my errands today. Got a hotel for 2 nights, took an amazing shower (an experience I hadn't had in 15 days!!!), mailed some things at the post office, including an iPhone I found somewhere along the trail, did some laundry, went to 2 grocery stores to resupply for the next stretch of trail, ate some food, then lounges until way past my bedtime. Ahhh, tomorrow's day off will be sweet! I think I did literally everything that requires movement! Full day off!

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