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Day 20: 8/13/17 Hit the big time in Atlantic City, WY

Miles: 6.4 Steps: 15,085 Vertical gain: 891 feet Liquid consumed: 128 oz Wildlife: A really angry cow that bluff charged me after I accidentally scared its calf, a dead weasel looking thing I should have taken a photo of, Pronghorn running in the distance Faith in Humanity: free place to camp tonight at the Miners Grubstake with electrical outlet usage, and free lunch/dinner at the Mercantile, and awesome conversations with Greg, a Great Divide cyclist. Well, well, well, another amazing day! The broken record of awesome continues on! I only hiked 6 miles today, from South Pass City to Atlantic City, WY. My goal was to see if I could take a mostly rest day in Atlantic City, and get a tasty bite to eat. Very happy to declare full success! Hike was beautiful, mostly along very faded roadways and a little bushwhacking for fun. Beautiful shades of green blanketed the mountainside. I arrived in Atlantic City and asked the first gentleman I saw about eating some breakfast in town. He directed me to Miners Grubstake a short walk away. Upon arrival I put on my mid layer fleece as an odor barrier. I sat at the bar and was informed that they had run out of eggs. This was kind of a funny running joke the whole time at the restaurant. No problem for me though, the biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns and sausage links were all mighty tasty! Laurel, the owner; was really cool and loved all the hikers and cyclists that passed through. It was easy to chat with the other patrons at the bar about my adventure and what they were up to. I asked about maybe camping somewhere in town and you know what? Laurel said I could call for free right out front and have me the wifi password and let me use the outlet outside to charge my phone! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! Although the wifi didn't work, there was cell service I was able to get caught up with a bunch of things on my phone. Adventure racers were passing through on the road out front and I'd cheer them on as they passed. One team even came and slept under an awning in the middle of the day for an hour and a half or so. They were from New York. Team name NYARA maybe? Good luck! Next a father and his two sons came and were going to eat some lunch/dinner. I only talked to them for a few seconds but I asked if I could join them and they said sure. We went next door to the Mercantile and I chatted with Matt and Dave and their father Allan. They lived in NYC and Connecticut and were well educated and fun to talk to! At the end of the meal they even paid for my lunch!!! Totally unexpected and amazing of them. I feel so lucky all the time! Thank you so very much! Next up, Greg pulled up on his bicycle. He went and ate while I chatted with my brother on the phone. Great to talk to him and His girlfriend a bit and hear about what he's been up to! Greg and I got along really well and stayed up until 10 which is somewhat late discussing a huge variety of topics. I really enjoyed his company and hope he has an amazing rest of his journey ahead of him! So much amazing fortune! Next up: leaving early show tomorrow and heading for Rawlins across the Great Divide Basin! Very excited!

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