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Day 9 8/2/17 Bike Ride to Cache Creek Trailhead

Miles: 14.0 (cycling) Steps: 10,530 Vertical gain: 433 feet Liquid consumed: 127 oz Wildlife: Cute dog, 2 bald eagles, some Osprey Faith in Humanity: Free raft trip! Another incredible day of Walk The Parks! Kind of a rest day, but certainly not at the same time. A sweet bike ride, sweet rafting trip, exploration of the elk refuge and more! I came up with the idea last night to see if Chris would let me borrow his bike and ride it to the Cache Creek Trailhead, where I'll be leaving Jackson tomorrow. Sure, this trip is called "Walk the Parks," but it's about making a connected line with human power, not entirely hiking. I do plan on doing a pretty long bike tour from Arizona to Florida after a few thousand mikes of hiking to start things off. Anyway, Chris was totally down! First we went to the post office so I could mail a package of food to myself in an upcoming town where there is no grocery store, and to send my bear canister home, which I no longer need. Next, I was dropped off exactly where I was picked up yesterday and had a fantastic bike ride back to Jackson. Beautiful paved bike paths too me through the small town of Wilson, over a bridge across the Snake River, and into Jackson. I got a bit lost at the end but found my way just fine after a couple minutes. Great town for cycling, tons of bikers, bike trails, bike lanes and bike routes. Very nice! Chris was running some errands so I randomly rode around, ending up at a gas station. What did I buy? A 32oz frozen lemonade for 79 cents! Boom! Of course I did. It was incredible. I commented "wow, that's quite a good deal on frozen lemonade." To the cashier. She replied"it won't last long". Touché! Haha, fir some reason this delighted me to no end. Next up, tasty lunch avocado turkey sandwich followed immediately by a free whitewater rafting trip. Where at? The Snake River, of course. It was really cool to walk across the Snake River in Yellowstone, ride my bike across the Snake today on my bike ride, and now to raft down it. Chris works at the rafting company and one benefit is to get free raft trips for him and his friends if there's availability. Thanks so much, it was really fun! Saw some bald eagles, watched a raft guide on another boat take a swim, went swimming, and generally had a great time. Thanks Chris, you've been really kind to me and I appreciate it! After rafting we decided to explore the Elk refuge outside of Jackson. The views of the Tetons were extremely hazy, leading us to wonder what fire was blowing in some smoke. Beautiful open area and mountains. Quite an eventful day, we came back to the house and I organized some gear,downloaded some maps, and am typing this journal entry with my eyes about to be closed shut. I'm getting dropped off tomorrow morning and may be out of cell phone coverage for 5 days or so, but I guess we shall see if that's really true in the ear future! So excited to finally explore the Wind River Range. Pinedale, here I come!

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