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Day 8 8/1/17.  Alaska Basin to Jackson, WY

Miles: 25.5 Steps: 50,586 Vertical gain: 3,719 feet Liquid consumed: 200 oz Wildlife: Marmot, Pika, squirrels, chipmunks, birds Faith in Humanity: amazing hospitality from Chris and Jitka in Jackson What a beautiful first day of August! Slept beautifully last night, though could have slept in a bit more this morning. Hit the trail at 7am. Alaska Basin and the Death Canyon shelf are very beautiful. Small patches of snow in my path today but nothing sketchy. It's been incredibly sunny lately! I think I'm going to start wearing a buff to protect the skin on my face skin ears and neck. Up and down and around the trail went. A little bit of snow to cross but nothing crazy at all. Super warm and sunny day. I ended up drinking almost 7 liters of water! I was planning on getting into Jackson tomorrow, but I got so close that I figured why not just go into town? It was cool to hike close to Teton Pass at the end of the day as it's so famous for its backcountry skiing. Tons of beautiful flowers too! I never really understood the whole "purple mountains majesty" song line, but today I did! So many wildflowers. Just gorgeous! The road coming down from Teton Pass is so steep! I can't believe people do that all winter long! Hmm what else? Met a couple of cool solo travelers and talked with them for a bit. Also had my first nosebleed, I think due to living outside on the dry climate a scab ripped off inside my nose. I was laughing as I was kind of bloody thinking it'd be funny to run into a grizzly bear now.

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