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A Climb Up Sam's Knob: Training Month Day 1

Sunset Atop Sam's Knob, Snowmass, CO

Miles Today: 6.7 Total Training Month Miles: 6.7 Steps: 17,087 Total Training Month Steps: 17,087 Elevation again: 2,163 feet Total Trip elevation gain: 2,163 feet Weather: Sunny, hot (80), and one clap of thunder Water consumed: 112 ounces Highlights: Steep hike, being above a thunderhead, longest day of the year

Ahh, my first test journal entry! Today was a good day! Training month is on. One month to go until go time on the big trip. So stoked, but definitely a little nervous. The past two weeks I've been going for long hikes after work going until near darkness pretty regularly. I call it "Solstice Month" as the two weeks before and after today are the longest of the year. Certainly the best for 8-5ers like I currently am. I climbed a bit above Sam's Knob today on Snowmass. I left work early with ambitions of climbing much higher than I ended up going. I felt a slight tweak in my right calf muscle on the uphill and towards the top of Sam's Knob I heard a fairly loud clap of thunder, causing never to re-evaluate and head home a bit sooner. I did get rained on a bit all the way at the end of the hike, but it felt really nice.

Had some great thoughts about connecting in towns today, specifically with schools. I've already created some outlines for age-specific lesson plans. I had a lot of success with Kindergarteners by setting up my tent and letting them all jump in and telling stories of my hike on the Appalachian Trail. I had another great presentation with 5th graders in a Q and A format. I'm also currently working on a slide deck that I can modify as I go for presentations on the fly. All I can really say is: I'm excited!

Well, there's blog entry 1 for 30 days to go!


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