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One of the main goals of Walk The Parks is to connect with as many good people, communities, organizations, and whoever else as possible!
How can YOU get involved?
- Reach out to me and Follow the adventure!  Send a positive message, follow, Facebook, instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.   I'll post links to any updates on everything so you won't miss out! I'd really love to hear from you, about anything at all!
- Make a Donation!  You could help me along my journey and buy me some gummy bears, a beer, dinner, or anything else!  Any donations are greatly appreciated!  Donate via PayPal or Patreon.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!! Keep the dream alive!
- Mail me something!  
Feel free to send packages to:
Blake Robinson/Walk The Parks
18 Temple Hills
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Note: I may not be able to carry everything with me that you send, food or gift cards are appreciated tremendously!
- Come join me!  Meet me at a trailhead, hike or bike a couple miles with me, invite me over for dinner, let me sleep on your couch or pitch a tent in your yard.  Seriously, if you're a nice person, I'd love to meet you. 
- I LOVE giving Presentations!  Do you have a venue and an audience where I can present?  Happy to do a Question and Answer session, gear clinic, encourage the chasing of dreams and positivity teach high school students how to set up a budget so they can accomplish their own goals, and so much more. 
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