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I'm super excited to be on this crazy, huge adventure! Come hike with me. Send a positive message. Donate.  Invite me over for dinner.  I'll provide excellent stories in exchange.


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6/15/18 Day 327 AT Day 89: Alec Kennedy Shelter to Darlington Shelter

July 5, 2018



Miles: 19.1
Steps: 40,347
Elevation Gain:   3,000 feet

Another amazing day!  Contained some of the easiest, flattest terrain of the whole trail!  And, freaking pizza!  Mmmmm.

The trail took us directly through the town of Boiling Springs, PA.  Quite a picturesque place with some great parks.  Originally thought I’d pass right through, but ran into some other hikers who suggested a pizza place, so off to day absurd amounts of pizza it was.  Super tasty...

Hiked much of the day with Ditch and Murph.  There was a camping restriction for 14 miles through the super flat farmland with tons of road crossings.  Doesn’t sound that appealing, but it was great to make such quick progress.  A trail that usually never has flat terrain to almost an entire day in the flats is really quite nice!  

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