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4/21/18 Day 272 AT Day 32: Full month on the AT: Vanderventer Shelter to Abington Gap Shelter

May 6, 2018


Miles: 23.9
Steps: 48,296
Elevation Gain: 4,890  feet
Faith in Humanity: AT Class of 2014 trail magic!!!! Absolutely incredible and filling!!! Thank you so much!

Somehow the days just keep getting better out here.  Is it the fresh air?  The beautiful scenery?  The great people?  All the candy I eat?  Hard to say, but it’s oh so good!!!!

The long ridgewalk continued today with countless ups and downs, typically 100-200 vertical feet each.  Great hiking.

Didn’t see many people today until I got to some trail magic at Low Gap: there were tons of hikers there!  And with good reason: a ton of camp chairs, bacon cheeseburgers with fried eggs on them and hot dogs and soda, Gatorade. And beer!  I had a Heady Topper which is apparently the “best beer in the country”. Usually I’m not too fussy about beer at all, but this one was pretty amazing!  Thank you guys so much!  Oh did I eat!  And meet great people, and have a great time! Nice meeting all of you, thanks so much! 

After several hours I thought it best to hike on.  Did about 5 miles and camped with 20 or so people at Abington Gap Shelter.  Good times for sure! I was quite fickle about camping: first I set up my tent, then I decided to take it down and sleep in the shelter, then I heard tons of mice crawling around so I set my tent up again!  Haha, I slept great in my tent once the indecision was solved.

Damascus, VA tomorrow!

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