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I'm super excited to be on this crazy, huge adventure! Come hike with me. Send a positive message. Donate.  Invite me over for dinner.  I'll provide excellent stories in exchange.


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Day 87: 10/18/17 Mesa Verde National Park to Dolores, CO

October 22, 2017


Miles: 22
Steps: 42,155
Vertical gain:   1,125 ft.
Liquid consumed:   164 oz.
Wildlife: Dogs (stop raising your hair and barking st me please, unleashed pups?), horses, cattle
Faith in Humanity: Met some really nice workers at a Mexican restaurant.  Very interested in my trip and really nice in general!

I awoke pretty early in the campground and it was quite chilly.  Got all packed up as normal and was on the trail by 7:45am I think.  First 4 Miles was on the winding park road which was really pretty with great views of the Moncos Valley and Cortez.

I only had to walk the highway for about a mile!  Oh 160, we sure have had some times. I walked secondary roads which are nicer in terms of traffic, but of course then I’m exposed to dogs.  Please dog owners: I do love dogs, and I’m sure your dog is real nice to you, but could you just make sure they’re secure when you’re gone? I feel like this is something that prevents people from running or cycling in many areas.  No one wants to confront sketchy pups.  Thank you that is all.

I got passed 3 times by police on the road but no one stopped.  That’s nice!  Obviously I’m not doing anything wrong and they can see that, yay!

Glad I didn’t have to use the restroom much today, really nowhere to hide!  Nice low traffic roads, but fences on both sides almost the entire way!

Before I knew it though I was 21 miles in and walking through Dolores, CO.  I really needed a restroom so I went to a Mexican restaurant and ate lunch and used the facilities.  1 super tasty shredded beef burrito later and I’m a happy Hiker!  Only option for lodging tonight is a hotel since the campground closed a few days ago for the season,  so I walked down and paid for night.

Relaxed and planned some of my upcoming route, talked to my friend Naomi for a while as she’s planning on joining me for a section in Utah.  I hope she comes, it’d be nice to have company for a few days!

Not much else to say.  I did see a funny show on Comedy Central with a very dry humor comedian that I really liked. Not sure what it was called though so that’s really not helpful.

3 days until Telluride!

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