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7/14/18 Day 356 AT Day 115 RPH Shelter to Wiley Shelter

Miles: 27.9 Steps: 60,438 Elevation Gain: 5,417 feet Whew, a hot one for some big miles. I was on the trail by 5:15am One comment I forgot yesterday; I want to express a bit of disappointment in my fellow thru hikers. Almost none of them stayed and volunteered for when a couple hours. Did they eat the food? Yup! Were they willing to help out a bit? Almost no one... kind of lame! Like literally 1 or 2 our of 40 hikers. Interesting. Back to the regularly scheduled positivity: amazing trail magic BBQ today! I crossed some railroad track at the Appalachian Trail station (you can ride a train directly into NYC from the trail some days which is pretty cool!) and a woman and her daughter were giving surveys to hikers trying to figure out how to get them to spend more money in town. Along with this was an amazing bbq! They would even take your order then bring the food to you! Cheeseburgers with fried eggs, hot dogs, soda, Gatorade, and all sorts of nice people to chat with. Thank you so very much for everything! I stayed for quite a while eating and relaxing at the bbq but finally left. A few more miles to a shelter where a pretty big thunderstorm came rolling through right at dark. Exhausted, I slept.

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