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6/29/18 Day 341 AT Day 101 Delaware Water Gap Church Hostel to tenting near road and into New Jersey

Miles: 15.2 Steps: 31,901 Elevation Gain: 2,417 feet Another amazing day! Started out LOUD walking along an interstate for a couple of miles to cross the river and cross another state line into The Garden State: New Jersey! So hot today! Heat index near 100 and just scorching! To make up for it there were some cool bodies of water (that you couldn’t swim in) and a ridge line with great views. NJ starting out really well! We went to the Mohican Outdoor Center just off trail, initially by the draw of indoor plumbing, but ended up staying a while because they had $2 sandwiches that were pretty dang good! $2 doesn’t get you much in our modern world so we devoured a couple sandwiches to make it count! Original intentions to hike a bunch of miles changed with the heat, so Murph and I camped and relaxed and ended up going to bed fairly early which was nice. It’s a Friday night and we are pretty close to a road, hopefully no (or just hopefully??) huge party tonight, but we shall see!

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